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D'Amato Boxing training seminar

On Thursday the 13th of April we were privileged to have had the opportunity to host one of my old team mates and friend, Ivan Rakatic and his son, Zak. Ivan is a wildly experienced martial artist, holding a 7th degree in Zen Do Kai Karate and a 3rd Degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Ivan and Zak are now also the only accredited D'Amato Boxing system, in Australia.

Ivan and Zak spent nearly 2 hours showing us the finer points of the Legendary Cus D'Amato's peek a boo boxing style made famous by 'Iron' Mike Tyson. We had a mixture of attendees, from people who train boxing to those who have never boxed before. I can honestly say that everyone in attendance had a ball and learned heaps! We will be getting them back in future for more seminars and possibly, a more regular class!

Thanks again Ivan and Zak. Looking forward to having you back.


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