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Kids Classes

True Grit has one of the most effective kids programs in the world. Led by our Head Coach Dan with Cohan Brown assisting. Dan is a Qualified and practicing Secondary Educator registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and working full time at Brighton Secondary College. 

At True Grit, we started out teaching exclusively kids. Dan is a full time secondary Physical Education teacher who understands the requirements of a variety of different personalities, learning styles as well as any potential learning difficulties and neuro diversity.

Classes are a mixture of Jiu Jitsu focused games that begin with simple instructions, rules and intent, that gradually build in complexity to the point of specific positional sparring and eventually competition rounds. The essence however is fun.

Kids rarely learn effectively if they aren't enjoying themselves. They also don't learn well from people they do not like. Dan and his assistant kids coach, Cohan Brown, go to great lengths to ensure all students are treated with respect and empathy. They ensure that techniques are explained carefully, with adequate demonstration as well as suitable, process driven feedback. Submissions are introduced slowly and with great care to avoid injury with constant reinforcement of the rules with respect to tapping and releasing a submission.

All instruction is driven towards the development of a growth mindset. This growth mindset encourages effort over results and teaches them that their continued effort will most definitely lead to improved results. This is how they develop GRIT!

I am convinced that your kids will love it! But don't take my word for it. Sign them up for a free trial today!

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