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Christmas and New Year opening hours

As we close in on the end of another great year at True Grit, I thought it pertinent to reflect on some of our achievements and other major events from 2023.

The year started off with a bang as our head coach, the legendary Xande Ribeiro was in town to officially welcome us to the Six Blades family as well as running seminars. It was an extremely humbling experience to have a 7 X World CHampions and 2 X ADCC World Champion at our club, training us and training with us! We are all super excited for his next visit in 2024!

Xande's visit coincided with the promotion of our very first Black Belt, as Jon See received his very well deserved promotion from me in the presence of one of his idols, Xande. It was such an honour and a pleasure to promote Jon. I am super happy to be able to refer to him as my first Black Belt. Xande also brought me up to speed with my 3rd degree on my black belt which indicates 9 years at Black Belt. I genuinely couldnt be happier to be able to call Xande my coach, mentor and friend. A better example of the JIu Jitsu spirit you will not find!

Following on from this amazing experience was the very exciting news of our first (and definitely not the last, ssshhhhh), interstate Affiliate club, Bushido Flow GRappling Arts in Devonport! Matt and his team signed on to the True Grit/Six Blades family and havent looked back. Their numbers are growing on the daily and I am stoked to have awarded Matt his Black Belt.

We had many competition successes this year with amany of our kids and adults medalling in a variety of competitions. 2024 is shaping up to be big! I may even strap on the competition boots again too, watch this space ;)

Finally I would like to say thankyou to all of the students, coaches, parents and everyone who has contributed to the beast that is True Grit Jiu Jitsu. We started out at our very first session on borrowed mats, with 9 kids, we now have a big, beautiful venue of our own and over 100 students. It has been hard work at times, but all made easier being surrounded by such an amazing group of dedicated and amazing people.

In closing I would like to inform everyone that we will cease formal classes on Wednesday the 20th December and reopen for formal classes on MOnday the 8th January, 2024. I would like to wich everyone a very happy, healthy and safe Holiday season and a prosperous 2024.


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