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Xande seminar

As you are no doubt aware we were lucky enough to host the head of Six Blades Jiu Jitsu, 7 x World Champion, Xande Ribeiro. Xande was in town to welcome us to the Six Blades family and run seminars across the country. We were very lucky to host one of his seminars and honoured to also have Xande teach some of our classes while he was in Melbourne, a privilege that none of the other clubs he visited were afforded.

The seminar was a resounding success with 30 students from True Grit and other clubs in attendance. Xande shared some of the techniques that have made his guard world famous and unpassable in competition for 17 years! It was mind blowing to say the least, as was the opportunity to train with him. Personally I have never experienced anything quite like it. His control was quite simply demoralizing!

We at True Grit, and me personally, would like to thank Xande for his time and the befit of his knowledge and experience. We are all looking forward to your next trip which will hopefully be later this year for the Pan Pacific Championships.

Obrigado, Xande!


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